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Work Experience - How we try to help students, and students help is.

Encouraging young people into our industry is vital.  As a business we have always accommodated work experience students through schools and colleges and offered mentorship and support to those wanting to find out more about a career in the motor trade. 

The automotive industry is incredibly fast paced with new complex technology being released all of the time and legislation for safety and the environment constantly being updated.

Since we opened nearly 10 years ago, we have always welcomed work experience students. Over the last couple of years we have welcomed more than a dozen students to give them opportunities to learn in a real workplace, gain confidence and hope we have made a positive impact on the start of their careers.  We want to challenge the traditional perceptions of this industry and ensure opportunities for a diverse workforce.

One of the students we have had from school is Lewis.  He completed a week of work experience when he had just turned 15.  We noticed Lewis’ passion for the job, strong work ethic and potential.  We kept in touch, and as soon as Lewis was old enough to be formally employed he started working on Saturdays.  Lewis has gained experience and knowledge in replacing tyres, carrying out wheel alignment, replacing brake discs/pads/calipers, and various suspension components etc.  Every week he learns something new and improves his knowledge base. Lewis is incredibly keen to work and learn, and is expecting to start college in September. 

Our current Apprentice Vehicle Technician Ted, carried out a week's work experience with us a year ago, and soon started his employment as an apprentice. He is progressing well with his course and on-the-job training.  Ted has always been great with attendance and punctuality.  He is able to independently complete many jobs and is a pleasure to work with as a trustworthy and reliable team player.

Most recently from Lincoln/Newark College, Mia wanted to complete 30 hours as part of her course.  College has great facilities and really helps students prepare for the workplace with the practical and theory basics, and health and safety in the workshop.  During her work experience, Mia has learnt new skills from digital wheel alignment, replacing rear springs, carrying out vehicle health checks, gained further knowledge about tyres/tyre safety and has observed air conditioning regassing.

Trainee technicians benefit from seeing all types of workshops, working environments and company cultures - from independents to dealerships and franchises to specialists - there are many types of careers in the motor industry available to the right candidates!

Hosting work experience students gives us an opportunity to engage with schools and colleges, access a hidden talent, and we have been lucky to have been able to find some great staff along the way too! 

For more information on starting your career in the motor industry, please visit the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) website:

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