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Self Help Tips

Our Top Ten Car Maintenance Tips


These are all things you can do yourself, but if you ever need any help - just call in and we will be happy to help

1.  Tyres Check your tyres regularly for condition and wear.  Add air to maintain the correct pressure as required, to the vehicle's correct tyre pressure as listed in the manual (sometimes also on the label inside the driver's door).  If you need any help, just ask and we will help you check this and top up air pressure for free!


2.  Engine Oil Check your Engine Oil regularly.  The interval for this will depend on your mileage.  It's a good habit to check before a long journey and top up as required.  Call in to see us if you are topping up more than normal or require any assistance.

3.  Water   When the engine is cold, check your coolant level and condition.  Top-up as required.  If you're topping up more than normal you may have a leak.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.


4.  Windscreen Condition Check for chips and cracks and get them repaired - insurance providers often offer this service for free or for a minimal charge.  If it's not covered on your insurance, we can put you in touch with a recommended local repair specialist.

5.  Windscreen Wipers  These are one of the top MOT failures!  If your wipers aren't clearing your screen effectively, replace them as soon as possible.  You buy the wipers from us, we'll fit them for free - and we can usually do this while you wait!

6.  Screenwash  Check your screenwash levels and top up regularly, especially in winter.  Only ever add the correct amount of screenwash, as too much can cause problems as the additives can clog up the pumps and tubes.

7.  Lights  Regularly check all lights - headlights, indicators, brake lights, fog lights and number plate bulbs.  We fit bulbs from as little as £12!  It's a good idea to get to know how to replace the bulbs on your own vehicle and carry a spare bulb kit in the glove box if you can.


8.  Batteries  Struggling to start?  We can check your Battery's health and advise you if you need to replace it. 


9.  Bodywork  Keep an eye on your panels and exterior of your vehicle for damage and signs of rust.  If there is anything you are concerned about, nip in and we can have a look for you.  Keep it sparkling!  A good clean inside and out can help your car healthy.


10.  Toolkit  Remember to check your car's spare wheel or tyre puncture repair kit if you have one.  You should have a jack and keep your locking wheel nut key in your car somewhere accessible.

In an emergency

(Obviously, call the emergency services first, if required!)

Here's some helpful information from the AA to find out what to do after an accident and also has helpful advice on what to do if you breakdown

When/if it is safe, call us for further help and support!

Stay safe and don't panic!

Car Breakdown
Car Dashboard

MOT Testing

Wee can take care of your MOT for you - simply call us on 01636 550852

Before you take your car for MOT - check out this handy MOT Checklist from the AA here

Not sure when your MOT is due? Check here at

Vehicle Recalls


You can check on the Government's website to see if your vehicle, parts or accessories have been recalled as part of a safety campaign at

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Free advice!

If you have any questions or concerns about your vehicle please feel free to call 01636 550852


Our Service Advisors and Technicians will help you with free, no obligation advice.

We are here to support our customers and aim to answer enquiries out of hours as much as possible too.

Email us at

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