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Air Conditioning

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Book your car's
Air Conditioning service today!

Stay cool in summer and keep your Air Conditioning system running efficiently to de-mist your windscreens all year round!

It is recommended you recharge your vehicle Air Conditioning gas every two years to keep it in good working order.


  • Standard R134a Air Conditioning Regas up to 500g for £59.95 inc VAT

  • New R1234yf Air Conditioning Regas up to 500g for £115.95 inc VAT

  • Optional Air Conditioning system Antibacterial Cleaning Treatment for an additional £19.95 inc VAT


If you believe there is a leak rather than simply requiring regas, it should be booked in for investigation.

We carry out basic leak test your Air Conditioning system prior to regassing the system - if we cannot recharge your Air Conditioning, you won't be charged and we will advise you on how to proceed with next steps to investigate and diagnose the issue.

When carrying out the AC service, we check the temperatures and gas level before and after, remove the old oil & any moisture that has built up in the system.  The machine then carries out a vacuum and pressure test which can highlight leaks.  We then refill with new gas, oil and a dye that can help trace any leaks in the future. This fixed priced service is for up to 500g of gas. If your vehicle requires over 500g an additional charge will apply, we will contact you prior to completing the job to obtain authorisation. 

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