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We run regular courses on basic car maintenance


These are for anyone who is interested and wanting to learn a little basic maintenance for their car. We cater for different groups - mixed, female only, male only, new drivers, community/hobby groups, experienced drivers - groups from any part of the community with any level of skill or experience.


 We will also give you £25 off your next service!


The courses are hosted at our garage in small groups, and we show you how to carry out basic maintenance on your own car. The courses are run by Diana & Paul and designed to give you confidence in your own ability to keep yourself, your passengers and your car safe.


This includes:


  • Checking and topping up oil and other fluids under the bonnet

  • Checking tyre pressures and how to inflate them

  • How to change a wheel with no special tools

  • How to check your tyre tread depth

  • What to ask when your car goes into a garage for work

  • How to prepare for an MOT

  • Why do I need a service and what kind of service do I need?

  • Answering your questions and addressing any concerns you have about your car


Complimentary refreshments included.


The course is designed to help you keep your car safe, running well and give you confidence in taking your car to a garage.


You can take a tour of our garage, meet the team, chat to us and get to know a little more about what we can do for you.

We hold courses and events throughout the year - please get in touch to find out our next dates

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