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🚗 Case Study - Fiat 500 Instrument Cluster Failure


This vehicle was presented to us with a known common fault - when the unit fails it causes various warning lights to flash. In this case it was the engine management light and the coolant warning light as you can see in this image. When driving in the dark, the illumination of these lights was even more pronounced.


The fault is caused by an internal failure of the instrument cluster control board.

From research, we found that in a lot of cases the warning lights will remain constantly on, even with the key removed. It can also affect the centre section of the instrument cluster causing pixellation - so this can be a significant issue.


Normally, you would need to replace the instrument cluster with a new unit from the manufacturer, but is very expensive and only has a one-year warranty. It also needs to be programmed to your vehicle, causing additional expense.

A second-hand unit is very risky, could be a complete waste of money and is never recommended.

A more cost-effective and reliable solution is to have your own instrument cluster rebuilt. We are able to remove the unit and send it away to a specialist facility to be rebuilt. The original design floors are engineered out. They also upgrade the hardware components with more highly rated parts than the standard versions, and it does not require programming as it is retained in your own original unit. They also provide you with an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty.

If you have any questions about repairs such as these, please feel free to get in touch.

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